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Conservatory Installation

All our conservatories are made from the Swish System just like all the other windows and doors that we can install in your home. Of course, our conservatories also come with the same guarantees, security and colour options that all our windows and doors are available in.


While conservatories do not normally need to be built in accordance with certain building regulations, at Window Fix we always ensure that they are to guarantee that there will be no future problems. All our dwarf walls are cavity insulated and if you request a brick finish then we will do our best to match any existing bricks. Inside the conservatory you can choose between having a brick finish or plaster the walls and then decorate them. Thanks to all these options all the conservatories that we build are beautiful additions to your home. All of our side frames have double glazing and the lower panes are glazed with 4mm toughened safety glass.


Many people forget the importance of the roof when designing conservatories. However, at Window Fix Of Solihull we take care to make sure it is of the highest possible quality.


One important factor to consider is reducing the heat build-up inside your conservatory. In order to prevent it becoming too hot inside we can offer a choice of solar control glass or polycarbonate panels, this is a highly reflective roofing material which has excellent solar properties.


Due to advances in the technology of the glass which is now available, the problems usually associated with glass roofs have been solved. These units will prevent your conservatory becoming too hot in the summer and ensure that the glass roof looks clean all the time. Customers can benefit from solar control glass in either blue, green tint or neutral with softcoat self-cleaning glass, warm edge spacer and argon gas filled glass which gives a U value of 1.0.


The Glass we use is Active glass (Pilkingtons self clean glass which stops grime sticking to it). Solar active blue glass, which reflects 85% of the suns heat and has a self clean coating making it ideal for conservatories.



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Conservatory Roof Repairs

Poor fitting this is one of the most common problems with conservatory roof related leaks. Inferior product from the original manufactures and fabrication quality control procedures or poorly fitting from the contractors all can contribute to needing the roof repaired or replaced.



The roof itself is a separate system from the walls or windows of the conservatory, the roofs are manufactured in factory conditions and are usually dismantled and sent out in pieces.



The roof system must be fitted exactly as was in the factory, it has to be perfectly square, if the walls of the conservatory are not square then the fitter must compensate and pack off the head of the walls to create a level surface, the property wall will also have to be packed. Once roof is perfectly square and fixed the roof must be weather sealed and a lead flashing fitted between the roof and the property wall.



We offer a comprehensive range of conservatory repair services. We specialise in conservatory roof repairs and our expert fitters can repair most types of uPVC and aluminium conservatories.



We can repair leaking conservatory roofs including slipping glass or polycarbonate panels, roof bars, roof caps, end closures, lead work and flash-banding.



Sometimes the best solution to the problem will be to take the conservatory roof off and refit.

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