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Ultion Lock Cylinders

The Ultion range of lock cylinders is possibly the strongest and best on the market. 

Designed to withstand every type of attack the Ultion cylinder is so advanced that it detects attack and activates lock down mode where a hidden lock is activated inside your Ultion door lock.

Some locks have 5 pins, others have 6 but the Ultion lock has 11 pins, that means nearly 300,000 different combinations of key.

Your door may look great, feel solid, and have a great multi-point lock, but what’s the point if it can be disabled in a few seconds via an inadequate cylinder lock? Discover why Ultion is different.

Your Ultion lock comes with a guarantee, should a burglary take place within 10 years from the point of installation and entry was acheived by snapping an Ultion lock, they will pay you £1000.

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