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Guttering Services Solihull

Roofline, fascia, soffits and guttering repairs


Window Fix of Solihull provide a range of expert roof repair and replacement services. Fascias support the roof tiling and carries all the guttering and the soffit is usually underneath the fascia board. Without adequate ventilation in the soffits and fascias condensation will form in the roof increasing the risk of timber decay. If there is a problem with your fascias and soffit you may see damp in the rooms and may have a problem with leaking from the roof. Roofing repairs are needed to protect your property and can increase the value of your property.


We use the highest quality materials in all our roof replacements and repairs and we ensure that all fascia and soffit boards are fitted professionally to create a well designed and neat finish.


Whatever repairs you require for your roofing, windows, doors and conservatories our double glazing repairs team will ensure that the work is of the highest quality. For professional roofing, windows and doors repairs and replacement services contact Window Fix of Solihull for a competitive quote.

We can repair any fascias, soffits and guttering problems. We have a range of products that we advise you on and help you make the right choice for your fascias and guttering. Our experienced team of roofers can dramatically enhance the external appearance of your home with our extensive range of fascias, soffits and guttering options.  

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